Somersby Sparkling Spritz


Sparkling Spritz

  • Roundness of bitterness, sweetness and crispy acid notes
  • Semi-sweet with bitter sweet orange taste
  • A splash of sunshine
33 cl 4.5% ABV
252/59 kJ/kcal (100 ml)

water, apple wine (water, sugar, apple juice concentrate), sugar, apple juice concentrate, natural flavouring, carbon dioxide, acids: citric acid (E330) and acetic acid (E260), preservative: potassium sorbate (E202), colour: carmines (E120) Read more

Nutrition information
Wonderfully refreshing

Somersby spritz

  • Taste

    Intensely sparkling and refreshing cider with great roundness of bitterness, sweetness and crispy acid notes. Semi-sweet with bitter-sweet orange taste for a very refreshing drink.

  • Aroma

    Zesty orange aroma balanced with herbal notes.

  • Aftertaste

    Mild bitterness with a hint of sweetness and herbal after taste.

Goes well with

  • Aperitif / snacks / bruschetta

  • Olives

  • Seafood

Best served over ice at 7°C

Our Story

This cider is more than a cider; it’s a drop of refreshing optimism. Perfect for sharing in the company of good friends, family and odd acquaintances.